About Naam

Because Success is Only a Joy Once Shared

We aim to communicate with achiever women to empower ambitious women

‘No joyful success unless shared’

Nadia Cheaib

‘‘Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts’’

Albert Einstein
Our Mission

Show the bright image of our female population,
bring to light all great ladies that achieved and contributed regionally or worldwide to developments within their sectors, and willing to be a role model for new generations.

Our Story

The founder of NAAM is a lady from the Middle east who was brought up in the Lebanese civil war and despite all, had a very successful both scientific and entrepreneurial careers, till she reached 3 highest Lebanese official awards titles and 6 times Forbes most influential MEA Women list.

NAAM Concept

NAAM is a professional social networking club designed for achievers women. Achievers of all professional categories are welcome based on appropriate selection criteria by category.

Core Values


We embrace opportunities for furthering our mission through partnerships with other organizations. We encourage teamwork, communication and participation to maximize the collective efforts of all staff.


As a non-profit organization, we are committed to selfless service to humanity, especially vulnerable populations


As employees of a non-profit organization, we acknowledge an obligation to set and demand the highest standards of accountability in the use of resources entrusted to us by our donors and communities we serve. We accept responsibility for our successes as well as our failures, striving always to do better.


We are committed to demonstrating honesty and transparency at all times in our dealings with people and organizations in and out of our own establishment.


We recognize and strive to respect the diversity inherent in individuals, organizations and our nation. This principle guides our relationships with clients, colleagues, the people we serve and others.


We aspire and strive to be a learning organization, basing our strategies on evidence and objective evaluation for continuous improvement. Performance standards are applied consistently and fairly


We value creativity and innovation, seeking to transform challenges into opportunities to achieve our vision

NAAM Solution

In parallel and in spite of cultural and political regional situations, during the last decades, Women succeeded to achieve major progress and positioned themselves as key players and significant achievers within the society evolution, while assuming their rules of wives, mothers, daughters …with lot of feminism and devotion. These are heroes and rule models, we value their values and want to emphasize on to build our better society..
This is observed in all professional fields, scientific, medical, politics, economics, finances, etc.
On another note, social responsibility acquired considerable interest among private organizations in recent years, which encouraged most of the organizations and institutions on so many levels, mostly regarding financial and quality management aspects.
Hence, women empowerment foundations gained major place in the social activity scene.
Creating the club of achievers women where they can make the best use of their achievements by supporting social responsibility cause focused on women empowerment, is the goal of NAAM: Women Inspire, Women Innovate, Women Initiate…


Our current regional situation: thirsty for true idols…
Our MEA region has encountered severe problems during the last 3 decades, maybe the worst of its existence, and this is also showing on a daily basis within the new generation cultural impacts.

On another hand, in most of international opinion, women of our regions are looked at like a second rang, obliged to abide to family and society rules, whether fair or unfair, and the image spread in and outside doesn’t give her the credit she deserves, whether on cultural, social, legal, governmental, economical levels.

Simultaneously and often in the shadow, ladies in our region proved to be of the most worldwide achievers in almost all levels of activities sectors, those ladies being too busy with their day-today operations, aren’t highlighted as should, as to receive the reward they deserve, and most importantly, as to serve as role models to new generations, and also to support them by mentoring to also become achievers and role models at their turn, as to continuously pass the message of enthusiasm and sustainable quality development of our society

Putting the efforts together of:

  1. gathering those highly achiever ladies,
  2. highlighting their achievements,
  3. linking them to ambitious women in thirst of idols and mentors...this is what we wim for in NAAM…
    NAAM is the Land where every lady is a Hatshipsut and Cleopatra and Zeinoubia and Balquis, both in her leadership and beauty
NAAM Objectives

Believing that only our highest level achievers people can have positive impact and be the real role models and the true game changers:
Unifying around region capabilities for an impactful improvement of our society, through development of inner reflex of social responsibility within our daily life habits and behavior of ‘sharing for caring’ on the micro and personal level, allowing major impactful assistance on the macro level of the needy society from the wealthy ones
Creating suitable network with all ladies success stories in different sectors and areas, highlighting role models in each sector, for old and new generations, hence rebuilding trust in our capabilities, and this is our first aim from the forum
Showing the bright image of our population, bring to light all great ladies that achieved and contributed regionally or worldwide to developments within their sectors, and willing to be role model of new generations
Empowering women to highlight their achievements as role models and SR mentor women in need for empowerment within their area of expertise